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One of the core pillars of Deciem, the abnormal beauty company, Chemistry Brand is a brand dedicated to fighting all aspects of hand and body aging. From your hands to your toes, Chemistry Brand has multiple specific products that can target and prevent signs of aging.

Over the course of a day, our hands, body, and feet go through a lot. Whether you work on your feet, wash your hands frequently at work, or are exposed to adverse weather conditions, it is easy for skin to become chapped, dry, and rough. Skin that is dehydrated can accelerate aging, as a lack of natural oil protection means the skin retains less water, and therefore looks less plump and firm.

To avoid accelerated aging, and to stop fine lines and wrinkles from forming, Chemistry Brand has formulated a series of nourishing, hydrating products, to help improve skin firmness, texture, and brightness. They have utilized innovative ingredients, such as a biotechnological derivative of a mushroom which has been proven to be 400 times more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid.

Chemistry Brand has expertly formulated their products with active ingredients to ensure they both tackle existing signs of aging and prevent future signs. This ensures an individual is left with smoother, softer skin than ever before.

Chemistry Brand products are available in both full and mini sizes, making them ideal for use both at home and on-the-go. Carrying a mini Chemistry Brand product with you ensures no matter what unexpected circumstances come your way, your hands are always nourished, hydrated and protected.

If you'd like to take better care of your hands and try out one of the most exciting Deciem brands, browse our selection of Chemistry Brand products now.

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